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GUARUMOS INDEX. Índice de Sostenibilidad Turística.

ENGLISH ABSTRACT There are numerous tourist companies that claim to focus on ecological tours or ecotours. However, they hardly carry out an in-depth analysis of the level of sustainability of the practices they use when operating their services. In this sense, the tourism promotion platform Backpacker Sloth developed an index that allows evaluating these so-called ecological tours, GUARUMOS INDEX. The objective of this index is to evaluate the levels of tourism sustainability of the different tours that are offered in the work area of ​​the Backpackersloth platform, in order to identify and promote only the most sustainable tours in the market. The index has at least 14 indicators divided into two dimensions: Impact Indicators; are those that measure all those activities carried out during the tour that degrade the environment, emit greenhouse gases or that compromise ecosystems and communities/ Mitigation Indicators; are those that measure the effect of activities that compen